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What Digital Nomad are You?

I have always had the image of all digital nomads being homeless. Homeless in a sense of traveling with one backpack, a computer and having no place to go back. Flying always only one way. Throughout my trips I met people also calling themselves "digital nomads" and having a different lifestyle than mine.

There's Patrice. His brain resides in Paris and his heart remains in South of France. One week he takes the journey to the Eiffel's city and the next the train heads down to the Mediterranean sea from where he will work remotely. He is always packed and have a few thinks in the capital and some extra in the South. It's having two houses, two lines and possibly two homes.

Giles has an apartment and a job. And he is definitely a nomad. That type of nomad who has travelled in the past and whos mind is so freed that he can drop everything in a day and move out. That man who travels in his mind and can tell you about the world and people. That non-consumer who won't take much attention to the material that he know he would give away anyways.

Marion is a journalist who lives where she is. Well, she has a home. For the moment and since recently at least. Before that she had another home for a few months. She changes country, lives there, and learn the language until she gets fluent. She's not home often because she travels a lot due to her work. And when she does not travel for work she travels for leisure. If she ever stays home her mind crosses countries and meets foreigners through the novels she writes. She doesn't say but she is a nomad.

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