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Moving from Sedentary to Digital Nomad

When I was a kid, the day I liked the less was Sunday. Mostly the evening. I just knew that school was starting again right after that night. Most people don't like Monday's because of the work weak that comes right after. I found a way to get rid of that: work on Sunday. Well, you may say that's cheating because I'd hate Saturday night. Funny enough that I don't. The way to avoid it is to work on Saturday's also.

Most consider a week being split with five plus two days. My weeks are continuous periods of seven days that repeat with no junction.

A lot of companies consider now having their employees working one day a week from home. In a lot of case that day is on a Friday. Have you ever considered going for a weekend on Thursday night and doing your remote day from there? Tickets would be cheaper or you'd have less traffic on the road. What would happen if your employer would see there no decrease in the work you do while you're gaining vitality? What if... you'd ever work better because of that?

Weekends are expensive though, right? You pay a rent, insurances, internet, car, ... That's giving away a lot of money each month. Offering yourself a weekend every month is not affordable. Let's make a simple yet realistic calculation. A weekend cost is trip + hosting + food + entertainment. What you already pay when staying home is food + entertainment. We can conclude that your weekend extra expenses are the trip and the hosting.

What if you go to visit family, friends, relative? You'd probably be hosted and enjoy time together. Some couch surfing could also be a choice for some. Another option is to trade your house with someone else who'd do the same and switch homes for a few days. You could also consider renting your place while you're away and spend that money to get hosted. You'd have no extra hosting fees and it would be the equivalent expenses as staying home.

The remaining cost would be the trip. This one can be expensive if you have some specific destination in mind and constraint yourself to it. What if you making the exercise the other way around? Meaning the price one of the primary criteria for your destination. In which case you would be able to drop the cost incredibly low. Consider the airplane, bus, train, carpooling...

When you live in an expensive place like the UK, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Iceland,... you may even save money while renting your place and traveling at the same time. Don't make let this me your motivation but you'd have no more excuse not to take the chance of living the experience!

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