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About traveling

Giving back your home keys, taking your only one bag, looking at your loves one who are watching you getting off the car, they don’t really know where you go, what you do, they are a bit worry, you too. WHY is not a question that you still allow in your mind, you can’t answer anyway. Only this feeling that pushs you outside, this feeling coming from the heart that there’s something outside that you need to live. This might be someone to encounter, something to give, a fear to face in order to leave it for ever, a place to discover, the wind to feel, your limits to meet, your « place » to find, a sense to find or a question to answer, it might simply be an aspect of the world to get into, to meet, to listen to. It might be a dream that cames true, the feeling of flow, connectedness and lightness that you’d like to feel for ever, at any cost, with all your love. Some other days it looks like a nightmare, something disorienting, making no sense, something frightening where you suddenly feel so lonely, so different, so strange... It can last one day, one week, more and more maybe...

Traveling gives me this strange feeling to be naked into the world. Diploma are only papers stored into a box. So little things to get attached to as a landmark, your faith into life as your only guide, your love as your only source of heat. What you considered as « your privacy » suddenly exposed ; yourself getting into the privacy of others; sometimes too much, hard to measure... Those many hosts and people that you meet on the way, the one you share some hours or a night with. Sleeping next to them, entering into their home, into their daily life, with gratitude. The boundaries become so thin, what is coming from you, what is coming from them ? Becoming others, others becoming you...

Feeling strong or feeling weak, you need to get up and walk, each moment is a choice, an experience to live. Each day is a chance to give, a chance to learn, a chance to live.